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What Is Acne? It's Cause & the Best Acne Treatment in Lahore

Treatment for Acne : Acne is a common skin condition that occurs when the pores of skin become clogged, most often on the face, neck, back, and chest. The exact cause is unknown, but we do know that testosterone plays a part, as does heredity.

Once a pore becomes clogged, it traps skin oil (sebum produced by sebaceous gland) inside. A bacterium (Propionibacterium acnes) grows in this oil and can cause an inflammatory response in the skin. Acne treatment lesions can be small and hardly noticeable, have a small white or black head, or can appear red with a white/yellow center. Sometimes a clogged pore will become so inflamed that it can lead to larger, more painful lesions called nodules or cysts, which can ultimately scar. Almost no one escapes some clogged pores and pimples, especially during adolescence–a fragile time when self-esteem and confidence is just emerging. Acne afflicts people of all ethnicities and is treated the same regardless.

How to Clear Acne?

Our skin is healthiest and clearest when it is in balance. The more irritation your skin experiences, the more likely it is to break out. Conversely, the less irritation your skin experiences, the better it is able to remain clear. Sources of irritation include anything which rubs, scratches, or comes into prolonged contact with your skin, as well as anything which sends your skin out of balance such as over-dryness, sunburns, shaving the face with irritating razors, and pore-clogging cosmetics. To best clear acne, try to keep your skin as untouched as possible. Acne is not caused by dirt, and washing your face, while it is fine to do up to twice per day, is going to do little to help with your acne.

Finally, popping pimples is not off limits. None of us likes to walk around with puss filled pimples. Done correctly, properly popping can actually help hasten healing. However, whatever you do, do not pick at your skin.

Common Skin Disease

Acne is a very common skin disease in adolescence, young girls, boys and even in adults. It is a common mistake to think that it is normal to have acne at puberty and no treatment should be done. In fact, this is a skin disease and wonderful treatments are available that can get rid of the old acne and prevent the new ones from forming. If treated appropriately pimples should leave no mark on the face. When not treated in time they can leave ugly and permanent marks.

Causes of Acne

Acne is actually caused by a combination of several factors:

  1. Rising hormonal levels: Rising hormonal levels during adolescence lead to over production of sebum/oil by oil glands/sebaceous glands.
  2. Blockage of sebum ducts with keratin: The sebum ducts that bring this oil to the surface become blocked with keratin (a protein that is part of the skin).
  3. Growth of bacterium (Propionibacterium acnes): When these oil glands are overactive and the canals are blocked, the bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) that normally live on the skin and in the oil become trapped. They subsequently multiply, and cause inflammation and irritation.

The Best Way of Acne Treatment by Dr. Azim Jahangir

The treatment for Acne usually consists of some medicine to apply on the face couple of times a day and sometimes oral medications may be needed. It is a common mistake to apply steroid creams like “Dermovate” for pimples which, in fact, can worsen the pimples and damage the skin. Acne, in most cases is neither caused by any food nor is the lack of water responsible for it. But in general, eating healthy food, avoiding fast food and drinking enough water is good for the body anyway. Many commercial creams and lotions, to treat acne and make the skin fair, contain steroids that can permanently damage the skin and should not be used without the doctor’s advice. You should consult a qualified skin specialist for the treatment. With the latest acne treatment in Lahore available, there is no reason to be walking around with pimples.

Since acne has many forms, your dermatologist designs an individual approach to care for successful control. Thus, the course of therapy will vary according to such factors as type of acne, it’s severity and extent, and the patient’s day-to-day activities.

Mild acne is treated with one or a combination of topical medications. Moderate and severe acne is usually treated by topical medicines with the addition of oral antibiotics. Since different combinations work better for some patients than others, you are usually evaluated every four to six weeks until the acne is well controlled.

In addition to this conventional therapy, your dermatologist may recommend one or more of these treatments to speed healing and clearing of your acne:

  • Acne Surgery: This procedure greatly speeds acne clearing and appearance by manually removing blackheads and whiteheads. This may be combined with microdermabrasion, which helps to remove dead skin on the face and open up smaller blocked pores.
  • Intralesional Corticosteroid Therapy: If one or several painful acne cysts develop, fast relief is available with this relatively painless procedure. Each cyst is given a single injection of a dilute cortisone solution, using a very tiny needle.
  • Accutane Therapy: Isotretinoin (Accutane), is used for the treatment of patients with severe acne not responsive to conventional treatments. The duration of treatment is usually five to six months.

Acne Scars Treatment in Lahore

Acne Scars are caused by damage to the deeper layers of skin, so topical creams or lotions don’t help in scar treatment. MOSAIC / FRAXEL LASER are the best treatment for acne available that actually treats the damage to the deeper tissues and can improve acne scars upto 80%.

These lasers use the latest technology to fade away your scars without you having to go under the surgical knife. The procedure is painless, general anesthesia is not involved and you can resume your routine activities as soon as the procedure is over.

Generally it requires a few sessions of one or different lasers to fade out the scar to almost invisible.

  1. Chemical Peel: Superficial acne scarring, and irregular pigmentation of the skin are easily treated with this technique. Chemical peels are applied to the skin, which cause the outer layer to be removed. Different chemicals and concentrations are used, depending on patient’s skin type and degree of scarring.
  2. Laser Resurfacing: More prominent scarring from acne is best treated by this technique. The top several layers of skin are removed with high energy light. This action evens out the skin to give it a smoother, more pleasing contour.
  3. Punch Excision and/or Grafting: Some narrow pitted scars are too deep to be removed by dermabrasion. These can be removed with a surgical instrument called a punch. The resulting defect is closed, either primarily or with a tiny skin graft, with gratifying results. Sometimes this procedure is followed by chemical peel or laser resurfacing for patients with a mixed type of scarring.
  4. Collagen Implantation: This natural protein is injected under the lesion to elevate it to the level of the skin.

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