About Us

Cosmetique is an Affiliated Dermatology Associate at New Jersey, Ohio, and Lahore. We treat acne and acne scarring issues at our clinic with highly-qualified dermatologists and best equipment available in Pakistan.
About Us:

Acne or “pimples” is a very common skin disease among adolescent girls and boys, and even in adults. Considering it ‘puberty-related’ problem with no treatment is a myth in today’s day and age. With the latest procedures and equipment available at Cosmetique. Acne treatment in Lahore is just another skin disease and wonderful treatments are available that can get rid of old acne and prevent new ones from forming. If treated appropriately, pimples should not leave any marks on the face. Otherwise you may get stuck with hideously permanent marks.

Best Acne Treatment in Lahore addresses the damage done to the deeper layers of skin. Which is why all topical creams or lotions cannot help in scar treatment effectively. Mosaic, Fraxel, CO2 Fractional, and Scarlet LASER are the best treatments available at Cosmetique. That actually treat the damage to the deeper tissues and can help remove acne scars upto 80%. These laser treatments utilize latest technology to diminish acne scarring without the need for any kind of invasive surgery.