Chemical Peels Treatment In Lahore

Chemical peelingis basically an accelerated form of exfoliation induced by the use of chemical agent. The chemical used in Chemical peeling is a mild acid that sloughs away the superficial dead skin layers. Chemical peeling is a safe, quick and effective treatment to uncover the hidden, younger, fresher skin provided by an experienced doctor. The Chemical peeling procedure requires skill and experience at the doctors’ end that can anticipate the ultimate outcome of an acid application on a particular patient so as not to burn or damage the skin. At Cosmetique®, our skilled dermatologists have helped thousands of patients for over a decade, both in USA and in Lahore, using this technique of Chemical peeling. Minor pigmentary flaws, fine lines, open pores and skin dullness can be taken care of by the controlled and timed application of certain chemical agent. Also, dark pigmentation on knees, elbows, back of hands and feet and also neck can be said a good bye to by this Chemical peeling technique.

  • The light chemical peels target superficial age spots and fine lines.
  • The medium chemical peels eliminate advanced sun-damaged skin and age lines.
  • The deep chemical peels correct more severe conditions such as acne scarring.

Chemical peeling is a routinely performed procedure in our clinic and takes around 30 minutes to complete. Depending upon the strength of the peel, the patient may resume his/her normal activities anywhere from immediately to within a few days time. Touch up sessions is generally recommended on a need basis.