Skin Rejuvenation Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan

Causes – Symptoms & Diagnosis

Skin Rejuvenation treatment in Lahore, Pakistan – causes – symptoms & diagnosis:
A breakthrough in skin rejuvenation science was made in 2004 with the introduction of Fraxel® / Mosaic® lasers. Our patients call them magic lasers as they produce results that are beyond their expectations. These lasers soften fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the size of prominent pores, smooth skin tone and texture, even out acne pits and scars, fade uneven discoloration and even diminish burn scars. You name it and you get it!

Mosaic®. rejuvenation gives a visibly dramatic improvement, yet being gentle is ideal for the face. It can as well be used on areas such as the neck, chest, arms, hands, legs and even the belly. Here’s how it works: while non-fractional lasers deliver energy uniformly to both healthy and unhealthy tissues, fractional devices direct energy exclusively to a “fraction” of the area – the damaged sections – while leaving healthy, surrounding tissue untouched thereby creating a “Mosaic” of microscopic wounds. These untreated zones help dissipate energy so that treated areas heal faster. They also make it possible to use greater energy on targeted areas for better results.

After three to five treatments spaced at 4-6 weeks interval, most people achieve the results they desire. A complete Fraxel® / Mosaic® treatment is done in a series of 2 – 5 sessions. This entirely depends on the skin flaw targeted. Skin texture improves dramatically only after 1-2 sittings. Fine lines, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation take about 2-4 sittings to settle, while acne scarred skin and burn scars may need few more sessions. Fraxel laser and Mosaic® laser lasers are the only Er:YAG fractional lasers approved by FDA . These lasers achieve spectacular results and are absolutely safe in skin types seen in Pakistan.